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Miro 4 You magazine

Translated from Spanish Miró means ‘ I watch, I look,…We felt Miro was the right word to use. Miro 4 You magazine offers a view, a reflection on fashion and the way fashion is presented, understand and thought. Miro 4 You Magazine showcase his readers these different layers of fashion through interviews, editorials and lifestyle photography.
Miro 4 You Magazine is a platform where (gender) diversity, multicultural society, environment are put upfront. What we see here in this time and space is just a mirror reflection of what we might really see.
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Lifestyle photography

A photographer goes far beyond fashion and editorial guidelines to tell stories, to capture emotion and movement through his lens. The photographer puts the subject in the best way and creates magic with little light. Through interviews, events and campaigns Miro 4 You Magazine sheds its light on many disciplines.
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